SurgeryVision™ The best VR view into the patient imaging data

SurgeryVision™ is a turn key solution to visualize CT, MRI and PET imaging sequences and surgery plans in virtual reality. The imaging data is NOT modified and remains unchanged.

SurgeryVision™ improves the surgeons and radiologist’s work. It greatly enhances the ability to perceive the anatomy of the patient. SurgeryVision™ provides a stereoscopic and illustrative view to present the surgery plan in 3D.

SurgeryVision™ has a set of instruments to highlight or hide tissues and organs according to density profiles. The image can be freely rotated and placed with hand controllers to simulate the surgery position. User friendly interface is optimized for surgery planning and functionalities are developed in cooperation with surgeons and radiologists.


Patient data does not change. We don´t do diagnostics, but we improve the visibility of current imaging data.
Helps medical professionals to save time in surgery planning with viewing solutions.
Improves the care given to patients.
For patients

SurgeryVision™ gives the doctor the tools to help the patient understand his/her condition and the coming procedure.

For Surgeons

Faster and more accurate surgery planning. Easy collaboration with peers around the world. Possibility to rehearse the procedure beforehand.

Virtual reality therapies

Mirror therapy

Mirror therapy is an improvement to current therapy. In virtual reality hand movement can be simulated and patient mobility increased.

Pain Management

Different environments and gaming to help with pain in different situations.


There is a lot of research about anxiety treatment. ADESANTEs environment is currently tested at HUS.